Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Darius Update

Hello All,
Here is an update on Darius. Last week was a challenge as he was still having a headache on Monday. We went to see the doctor on Tuesday and he did not do the computer testing. We had to go back to the doctor on Wednesday for the testing. This actually had to be done while I was home sick. So not only was I trying to take care of Darius, I was taking care of myself as well. I will spare you the details. Well he was feeling much better on Wednesday. He tested pretty well from this. They did not fully clear him to play yet though. Which to me is a good thing just because of the nature of the injury. The doctor wanted to school trainers to run him essentially until he fell out. And they did just that. He came home on Wednesday and barely was able to eat dinner he was so tired. Ha!!

He told me that he felt like he was so out of shape in those five days of not working out. I was like whatever man!! You have played sports all of your life and you are telling me that you are out of shape after five days. To those of you that know Darius, he is now working his way to thinking that he is a professional player. He is very serious about his sports and what exercises to do depending on what season he is in. It is totally cool and funny at the same time.

So we had a football game on Friday and he was on the side lines cheering his team on. He was so eager to get out on the field but truly understood why he couldn't play. But he is totally determined. He will be playing this Friday (11/7) in the last game of the season. We are playing DV. The cool thing about this is that the game is on ESPNU. How sweet is that for high school athletes.

Well the long and short of it is, he needed some rest and now he is back!!!

Lets go PRIDE!!!!

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james said...

Im so glad that you feel better Dee.