Tuesday, December 9, 2008

my birthday weekend

Hello Everyone,
My birthday weekend was very good. I was actually doing some wedding stuff this weekend.

I picked up James from the airport, we took some engagement photos out in Encanto Park. That is a beautiful park. Nice trees, ducks, train, a real nice family park. After our photo session, we went to look at some reception sites. Man of Man, this can get really stressful if you let it. We say 4 places, I believe, and fell in love with 1 of them.
We went to church. Service was good as always. If you are looking for a church either to visit while you are in town, or to find a church home, I pledge that you try Pilgrim's Rest Baptist Church (PRBC). After church we went to dinner while my son went to the Cardinals game. He was exausted to say the least. He was behind the Cardinals bench and then got to spend a little time with some of the players after the game. He said they are cool. I decided to go to Red Lobster for dinner (cheesy biscuits, salad, scallops and shrimp). Oh sorry, I guess I had a flash back. hahaha. After dinner we just came back to the house and watched some football, looked at literature from reception halls, looked at some catering menus and picked out favorite photos from the engagement session since we get a free 8x10. That's how they get you. Offer you a free photo knowing you are not going to get just that one that is free. I picked out like 20 photos that I like out of the 79 shots she took.
Well Monday was a slow start. When I finally woke up fully and decided to get out of bed, James and I went to Cracker Barrel for brunch (one of his favorite restaurants). I also got a tire replaced and an wheel alignment. We finally got out of the house to handle business around 1:30. We went to a couple of places today as well. And out of these we liked 1. He really likes the one that we say and liked on Saturday the best though.

So to say the least, my birthday was a good one for me, because I have taken a mini step towards my big day and that makes me happy.