Thursday, September 25, 2008

I know that I have not posted in a while. Now I am going to try this new application to also post on my blog. It's called
Today I will be leaving work early - flex day - oh yeah!! During this time I will be meeting with one of my son's teachers (nothing bad I want to add), going to pick up my glasses. Yes the one's that you all helped me pick out, going to chiro, and editing my the varsity football teams photos form the last two games to post on the website. I do have some homework to complete so I will probably do some of that as well.
Thank you all for your assistance with helping me pick out a pair of glasses. I will admit, they are quite jazzy :-). I actually had them for a little while now, but they had to order another pair because the temple length came back with the shorter temple and I ordered the longer ones. And I got the anti protective coating and it is a little defective. There are some permanent spots on them. Good thing is that it did not mess with my vision too much and I just got called today to tell me that they are in. So I will be picking them up this afternoon.

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