Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update on glasses

I want to thank you all for participating in my poll. It is amazing that I received a lot of comments on why I did not smile, and a few on why I didn't have on any make up. But most of you picked the same glasses that I picked out. I also have to tell you that picture 2 and 3 is the same glasses. So they won by a landslide. I went back to the eye doctor's to order the glasses that you all picked out and found another pair. I know, I know, why would I add more to the mix. Well I took a picture of the Coach pair and the new Versace as well. Here they are. I will let you know in about a week which ones I went with. Enjoy.

Coach - Bailey

1 comment:

Spec4J said...

Versace or however you spell it.
Smooches to you too.